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Life Insurance

Individuals and Families life’s protection is our core objective

  Risk management is one of the paramount financial planning tools in particular management of everyday risks which take place through our daily life.

No doubt that a man who owns and manages the assets is the first liable to protect them. Therefore Trust Syria Insurance Company afforded different and customized Life Protection Plans to cover death for any reason; it is worthy to say it covers other risks that could affect your business or add financial burden on your family.

  In general; insurance covers various types of potential risks without covering risks that surely will arise. Anybody could insure his apartment and properties against fire or burglary (stealing) for many years and no event of loss could happen. But the certain risk that could occur is the death or losing the life of loved one regardless of his age, gender or financial situation, etc.

  It is possible, that people die before reaching their normal life expectancy whatsoever the reasons: car accidents, disease etc or even normal death; thus the most important benefits of Life Insurance Plans are protecting insured family or loved people against the financial consequences of the insured's or breadwinner’s  death.  The financial consequences of death could negatively affect the dependents for that reason Life Insurance plans appear to mitigate these consequences through providing the dependents with future income (indemnity) to face these serious financial outcomes (loss of income – debt- taxes - funeral expenses….)  and social consequences as homelessness……  

  For these reasons; particular Life Insurance Plans (income insurance) have been got the biggest share of our attention. Trust Syria Insurance Company worked hardly and seriously to develop these plans and to innovate novel plans to meet and satisfy our clients’ expectations.

  As trust Syria Insurance Company, We are overconfident to put between your hands the biggest group of Life Insurance Plans in the Syrian market:

Category I: Term life insurance plans:
1. Level term plan.
2. Executive level Term Plan
3. Renewable Level Term plan.
4. Executive Renewable Term Plan.

5. Term with money back (Term Insurance with premium refund).
6. Growing level term (increasing term insurance).
7. Loans Protection Plan (Decreasing term insurance).
8. Family Protection Plan “FPP”.

Category II: life insurance plans of investment / savings:

1. Protection and Saving plan
2. Protection and Wealth plan “3 payments “
3. Protection and Growth plan “5 payments “
4. Saving For Education

Supplementary contract for category I & II :

  1. Accidental Death “AD”
  2. Double Indemnity “DI”
  3. Permanent Total Disablement Due to accident or sickness “PTD(A+S)”
  4. Permanent Partial Disablement Due to accident “PPD(A)
  5. Hospital Cash Indemnity due to Accident or Sickness “HCI”
  6. Accidental medical expenses (AME)
  7. Total temporary disablement  due to accident “TTD(A)
  8. Total temporary disablement  due to Sickness “TTD(s)
  9. Critical illness (CI)”9 Illness”

Category III: Personal Accident Insurance plans:
1. Trust Plan (1).
2. Critical Illness Plan.

Category IV: Travel Insurance plans:
1. International Navigator plan (world Wide Exclude Canada & USA).

2. Global Navigator Plan (World Wide).

  Open avenue of communication with our clients is our major goal; please contact Trust Syria Insurance Company in order to get the entire details about our Life Insurance Plans and to assist you in choosing the fitting one.