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Health Insurance

Trust Syria Insurance Company provides the best and the highest tailored Comprehensive Medical care plans which cover all administrative levels in companies, groups and individuals.

These plans offer medical treatments for individuals and their families depending on the adopted medical care centers. Trust Syria Insurance Company manages and follows up these plans implementations in order to develop and update them regularly.

We prepared our plans to cover all families’ medical needs in depending on a wide specialist doctors, laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies network which spreads to all Syrian governorates, and cities and 7/24.

Important instructions and guidelines:

  • Our high qualified staff is ready to address, counsel and help the insured in all adopted medical entities to guarantee the highest advantages of the Medical Insurance Plan.
  • In case of any act of misconduct carried out by the adopted medical entities, please feel free to contact us in order to solve your worries.
  • The Medical insurance card must be presented at medical entities and doctor clinics.
  • Please review and read your insurance policy in a special way the attached clauses and exclusions (wording) in order to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Some Medical and x-ray analysis need previous approval of your TPA company.


Medical Insurance Plans:

  • Trust For Health Care
  • Trust Basic For Health Care
  • Trust Extended For Health Care

Supplementary contract with Medical Insurance Plans

  • Trust For Accident Care
  • Trust Special For Accident Care
  • Trust For Critical Illness Care


Open avenue of communication with our clients is our major goal; please contact Trust Syria Insurance Company in order to get the entire details about our Medical Insurance Plans and to assist you in choosing the fitting one.