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Fire and General Accident

fire and allied perils insurance:

includes all damages and destruction of the property insured caused  by fire, lighting and domestic explosion at any time during the period of insurance in addition to other  such as flood, water damage, earth quake, impact, etc.

house holder insurance

includes comprehensive protection for house holders and covers all damages  caused by fire and special risks in addition to (burglary, responsibility towards other, and allowance for loss of rent).

All danger of property:

includes comprehensive insurance to commercial enterprise and industrial,    this insurance covers damage caused by fire, burglary, riot, broken inter faces.

Stops working insurance/ loss of profits:

includes coverage of the financial loss resulting from the  increased cost of production.

third party liability insurance:

includes protection for third party liability (material and physical  damages) and the company will indemnify the insured against all sums which the insured shall  become legally liable to pay.

Workmen compensation insurance:

includes cover to pays to any person under a direct contract of employment, if such employee while on duty at any time during the period of insurance shall sustain an occupational disease or bodily injury by accident arising out of and in the course of his employment by the insured.

Professional indemnity:

includes cover the PI of insured (engineering’s, doctors, lawyers and  consultant) against any liability arises from their treatment towered a third party.

burglary insurance:

includes cover the physical losses in case of any theft following felonious entry to   the premises by violent and forcible means.

Banker blanket bond:

includes a full range of appropriate coverage for financial activities in order to  benefit banks and financial institutions.

Money insurance:

includes cover for loss of money like (checks, money, stamps, and bonds) whether reserved in the safe or during transport.

Fidelity guarantee:

includes cover for all loses in respect to infidelity of the employees (frond,  embezzlement).