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Car Insurance


Compulsory Motor insurance (Third Party Liability)

The Motor compulsory insurance provided by the Trust Syria Insurance Company guarantees legal cover for you responsibility against the affected parties in a way that moves the burden of your liabilities to us while preserving others rights. And that against:
Third Party Bodily injury
Third Party Material Damage
In view of the great development and the accelerating movement of life, your decision to buy a car becomes a pressing and an urgent demand to facilitate your daily life business.
For the sake of removing the material and moral concerns, which could affect your decision and worries your mind peace, Trust Syria Insurance Company is choosing the best motor insurance policy which is distinguished by its competitive services and multiple choices to be the security and the trust which provides permanent protection and stability for you.

Comprehensive insurance

In case of an accident, the comprehensive insurance policy guarantees your car to be reinstated to the position that one was in a professional and technical way, through contracting with specialized workshops with well qualified and trained technical stuff.
Our policy provides the following covers:

  1. Vehicle Own Damage:
  1. Partial Damage
  2. Total Loss
  1. Fire of Insured Vehicle
  2. Burglary of insured vehicle
  3. Driver’s personal accident (in case of an accident)
  1. Driver -Death
  2. Permanent and partial disability
  3. Driver’s medical expenses
  4.  Driver’s Monthly Indemnity (6 months)
  1. Additional service (CRT):
  1. Providing the car with petrol( The petrol price will be charged ONLY)
  2. Charging the battery, and doing simple mechanical and electrical repair.
  3. Changing the tire in case of the absence of a spare one.
  4. Free towing of the vehicle by a lift for a distance of 50 Km.